25 Faces of Epilepsy Competition


To enter the 25 Faces Competition, you must, during the Promotion Period (August 19 to September 23 2021):

  • Register for the Walk for Epilepsy 2021
  • Share your epilepsy story in 250 words or less
  • Share a picture of yourself

Your Story

  • Please submit around 250 words of your epilepsy journey; this is usually a few paragraphs. You can include details of your first seizure, what happened and the circumstances, diagnosis, how you find epilepsy affects you and your family.
  • We also want to highlight other parts of your life to ensure we tell a full story (e.g. hobbies, school, work, friends and family).
  • Once you submit your story, we may reach out to learn more.

Share a Photo!

  • Please share a photo of you getting ready to Walk for Epilepsy! If you purchased a t-shirt, we'd love to see you wearing it. Alternatively, head to our resources page to find the downloadable bib - print one out, fill it out and pin it or hold it for the short!

Contact Details

Please share your name, state, email and phone number so we can reach out.