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1-25 October 2020

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Thank you for helping us Walk for Epilepsy around Australia!

This October we achieved something incredible. With your help, we raised more than $280,000 for people living with epilepsy.

More than 1200 people from across the country (and even overseas) came together to conquer their local streets in Walk for Epilepsy around Australia. Even though we couldn’t physically be together, we’ve never been better connected; we’ve shared more stories, inspired more people, and supported each other better than ever before.

To each and every one of our walkers, thank you. To everyone who donated to improve the lives of loved ones and strangers alike, thank you. Every step walked, every dollar raised, every conversation started has made a profound difference. With your support, we’ll be able to help more families, train more schools, and research with more determination than we’ve ever been able to.

You’ve all worn your stories with pride, and simply taking part is a mammoth achievement.

We’ve still got work to do. Research into epilepsy, and into finding a cure, continues at rapid pace. People living with epilepsy continue to face stigma and uncertainty. We’ll keep working, and we’ll do it in the knowledge that each of you is working too. Together, we can achieve the impossible.

A Virtual Event

Epilepsy’s Walk around Australia is a 25-day virtual event, where the community is encouraged to come together and walk (or run/ride/swim/wheel) the just over 25,000km around Australia to raise awareness and support for the 1 in 25 Australians living with epilepsy.

You decide how many kilometres to contribute to the tally, then choose when, where and how you will complete them, between 1 and 25 October.  

Contribute as many kilometres as you can. Every step you take will help make a difference.

How it works

1. Register Online

Sign up for FREE. At this point you will select both your kilometre and fundraising target.

A fundraising page and online dashboard will be created for you and you'll have access to our private Walk for Epilepsy Facebook group and other cool fitness and fundraising tools and resources.

2. Walk / Ride / Swim

From 1-25 October log your kilometres via your online dashboard.

See your achievement badges light up as you hit your milestones and watch the kilometre tally grow as we Walk Around Australia together.

3. Get Social

Share your challenge via social media using the templates provided in the resources section of your dashboard.

Reach out to friends, family and colleagues and ask them to sponsor you.

Use #walkwithme on social media and connect with our virtual community.


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Why is the walk different this year?

Like everyone else, we've had to change the way we do things due to coronavirus. With so much uncertainty, we felt that a physical walk wouldn't be the right fit for 2020. But it's not all doom and gloom! Taking the walk online means we're able to partner with wonderful interstate organisations and make this a truly national event - all while ensuring the safety of our staff, volunteers and community.

Why is Walk for Epilepsy happening over 25 days in October rather than on one day like previous years?

We wanted to bring attention to a sobering statistic - that 1 in 25 people are affected by epilepsy. Extending the event over 25 days also gives our walkers more time to achieve their goals and brings our ambitious collective goal within reach-to complete a total of just over 25,000 kilometres. That's equivalent to the entire length of Australia's coastline!

How far do I have to walk?

That's entirely up to you! If you're only able to walk limited distances, no problem-set yourself a realistic and safe goal. If you're looking for a challenge, increase the distance to help bring us closer to our 25,000km goal.

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