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I’m taking part in Walk for Epilepsy around Australia because

I would like to raise money and make a difference for people living with epilepsy. 

Our beautiful girl has been diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy and, while she is a fiercely determined little human, we know there will be plenty of challenges ahead of her.

For the month of October I will be completing a half marathon (21.1km) every day for this important cause.

Please help me by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about the walk, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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9/31 Done

Saturday 9th Oct
9/31 HM DONE ✔️

Tough, emotional, tired, and I went deep into myself. 
Morning started how I love - warm weather, sunrise and good friends to share a good run. I told them today will be a party day! Everything went well, body felt so good, no pain at all, having an amazing time, so many friends running past and cheering for me. It was a magical day until 12km when I got a reality check. 
Kas checked her phone and told me that Sofi had a tonic-clonic seizure for 16min and @mali_runs and Sofi are going to the hospital.
Straight away my body shut down and felt heavy. I wanted to run faster to get to the car but I couldn’t move as fast as I wanted. 
At 15km in @ando_runner gave me a red bull and I called Mel to ask how they are doing. I asked her is it worth it, what I’m doing? And her reply was you are doing amazing, we are OKAY and I could hear Sofi crying in the background. And she said of course it is worth it. This is for her. We have to try to keep moving forward and be the best people that we can be. For her. 😭😭😭 I cried for a bit and I went so deep into me and I ran strong/fast so I could breathe deep and be the best person that I can be and get rid of all the WHYs I should stop. I am doing this for Sofi, for my family and all the people and families who deal every day with epilepsy. I know it is tough but if we are in this circumstance it’s because we are tougher. Life doesn’t stop to wait for us, let’s keep moving forward!

Today’s run is for Brooklyn from Canada who turns 2 today! Happy birthday!!

In March 2020, Brooklyn was 5 months old. She was having a bath with her sister before bed and her hand turned into a fist, her arm and opposite leg started twitching, then she started to convulse. 
The ambulance took her to the local hospital and the seizure (tonic clonic) lasted 90 minutes! She was then transferred to the big hospital an hour away, with suspected meningitis! The tests (bloodwork, EEG, MRI & CT scan, COVID) were all fine, so the conclusion was a febrile seizure.
A month later, the same thing happened. A 50 minute seizure, she was put onto Keppra, more blood work was done including genetic testing.

By this time last year Brooklyn had had 5 Tonic Clonic seizures total and had been admitted for 4 of them. She was prescribed midazolam for her rescue medication.
Brooklyn was diagnosed with SCN1A in November 2020.

Now she’s no longer admitted to hospital with her seizures. Her myoclonic seizures continue. She’s on Clobazam, Valproic Acid, Clonazepam and Stiripentol. 2 weeks into Stiripentol and there’s a huge decrease in the myoclonics. Her appetite hasn’t changed yet but she’s falling less when she walks.

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 3pm. 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted by epilepsy.  


8/31 Done ✔️

Saturday 9th Oct
8/31 HM Done ✔️

In these 8 days I have grown a lot. Learnt about myself, about how anything that you put in your mind is possible to achieve if you have strong WHY you are doing it. 

As well how everything that happens in life has a purpose in your life. And it is hard to understand when we are in a dark situation, but we need to stop and take a minute to acknowledge that this is not forever and the situation is part of your path to learn something for the future. 

Yesterday, I was telling @kasandramarshall about how I got to this 31/31 HM. Everything started in December 2016, when I had a motorbike accident and broke my collarbone. I wasn’t able to surf for a couple of months and I was depressed because I wasn’t able to work, surf or do anything because I was in pain. 

So @mali_runs had the great idea to sign up for Melbourne Marathon in 2017 (our first marathon) and we did it! Without enough knowledge or preparation. It hurt a lot so we didn’t run again until 2018! 

After that my running journey really began. A couple of Half marathons, marathon, a few 50km, 100km. I fell in love with running. 

When Sofi was diagnosed with Epilepsy my friend @davidsinton told me we will be running for people who live with Epilepsy and now I am here running to create awareness for epilepsy 🙏🏽🙏🏽 And I am so grateful to be able to do this for us. 

Moral: the bad things happen to take you to where you are now. Live in the moment. 

Today’s run is for Isaias, 10 years old from the USA. Isaias has Dravet Syndrome. He was diagnosed at 16 months. He has daily absence seizures and myoclonic jerks, and tonic clonic seizures about 1-4 times a month. Isaias is a very energetic boy who loves to dance and play with his service dog Octavius, and his two guinea pigs Gemini and Aries!

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 5am. 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted by epilepsy.  


7/31 Done ✔️

Saturday 9th Oct
7/31 HM Done✔️

Today HM number 7 The lucky one, well it wasn’t totally the lucky one. The run went well, it was a beautiful morning for a Solo run with good tunes, and seeing many friends along the way. I was feeling that even though I was doing a Solo run I felt so much support and love.

But not everything can be rainbows and flowers and people who live with epilepsy know that everyday can change in just a second. Well as soon as I finished, @mali_runs was taking her phone to take a photo, and we realised that our beautiful girl was having an absent seizure. We called the ambulance, gave her anti-seizure medication, and the seizure went for 13 minutes. The Ambulance arrived and took Sofi and Mel to the hospital and they spent all morning there. I drove home to drop one car and walked back (2km ) to pick up my car to go to work. Big morning. The good news is That Sofi is back to normal and at home. 

Today’s run is for Remi! Remi is 5 years old, from Maryland in the USA. Her seizures have gotten considerably shorter over the last 10 months with changes to meds. She is a happy, wild, caring little girl. Unlike many, she doesn’t see people’s differences, but instead sees the best in everyone.

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 5am. 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted by epilepsy.  


6/31 Done ✔️

Saturday 9th Oct
6/31 HM Done✔️

@kasandramarshall you are an amazing legend. She has done 4/6 Half Marathon and she is so strong!! The other two her husband @danielmarshall5277 has done with me. I am so glad to have you two as friends. 

Also, Kas will be the one who dyes my hairs and beard if we get to $5000
in donations. 🙏🏽💜 let’s share this post so more people can donate 🤗 @epilepsyfoundationaus @epilepsyaustralia @epilepsyqld and create awareness about people who live with epilepsy #walkforepilepsy 

This morning was a bit too cold for how I like the weather, it took me about 8km to warm up but we just need to keep showing up everyday. Body and mind feel fine. 
Nico said that after 10 days The HM will get easier and I believe him.. 🤣🤣

It was very nice that my girls were at the end for me🙏🏽💜💜 @mali_runs 

I got a reminder from Facebook about something that I wrote 2 years ago. It says:
“I know that you are tired [I am], I know that you are psychologically and emotionally exhausted but you have to keep going”

Today’s run is for Haddon, 4yo from the USA. He’s had seizures since he was 4 months old. Officially diagnosed with Epilepsy and Dravet syndrome at 6 months. He has tried and failed 3 medications and is also on the Ketogenic diet. Despite never gaining seizure control, he is super smart and started school this year.

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 5am. 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted by epilepsy.  


5/31 HM DONE

Tuesday 5th Oct

It is hard not to start the description with a complement for the run or the morning. I love running and every run makes me full of love! So just another morning of spring on the GC. Perfect conditions.  

Today my morning routine was a bit off. Sofi woke up at 3:45am and she didn’t want to go back to sleep. So I got ready earlier. those 35 minutes that I missed make a bit difference. Then when I finished @mali_runs wasn’t at the finish because Sofi wasn’t feeling well 😔😔.
But @stringyk333 saved the day by rushing home to pick my stuff (with a minute’s notice) from home and brought it to me so I could be on time to work (well kind of🤣🤣🤣). Thank you for your Support guys and being flexible with my start hour.) 

Update: about my achilles is still sore and a bit swollen, so I went to see my Chiro and he said that is not too bad. He taped my legs. 🤞🏽🤞🏽that it will help. 

Today’s run is for Uriah, 7 years old, from West Virginia USA. Uriah has SCN1A-related epilepsy and his first seizure was at 8 months. He had many seizures and hospitalizations until age 3. Thankfully he’s now on depakote and epidiolex and his seizure control is great. He only had 1 last year and so far one this year. 
Uriah has just got a service dog this year for seizure alerts!!

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 5am. 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted by epilepsy.  


Thank you for all your donation we have already raised $2510 that is amazing 🙏🏽What about if we get to $5000, I will dye my hair and beard purple? 💜

4/31 HM Done

Monday 4th Oct

Magic morning again. Incredible sunrise teaches me every time there will be light for a new beginning everyday. I am so lucky to be around beautiful people who support me and my family. Today I thought it would be a solo run but I got a surprise! It wasn’t time for solo, it was time to share love with good friends thank you for coming today. 

Funny story: I think I am getting tired… this morning I got out of home and I walked up to my car trying to open the door… and the key didn’t work and a minute later I realised that it wasn’t my car but it was the same colour. Does that count? . 🤣🤣🤣 my car was on the other side of the street. 

Today’s run is for Faelin! Faelin is a happy little ray of sunshine! She is 4yo, from the Netherlands and has SCN1A-related epilepsy. Her seizures are brought on by many triggers including a change in temperature, viral infections, overstimulation, fatigue and many more. Because of this, her family live in isolation to minimise the risk. Faelin has been accepted into a very promising gene therapy trial in the USA and her family will relocate (from the Netherlands!) to participate. You can read more about Faelin’s journey here:


Or check their IG @stichtingfaelin follow. 

Faelin has the same condition as Sofi so helping her means helping us to possibly find a cure to this rare condition. We wish Faelin all the best for her treatment. You are a Rockstar! 🤞🏽🤞🏽sending love🙏🏽🙏🏽💜💜

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 5am. In latin time so maybe 5 minute late hahaha 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted by epilepsy.  


3/31 Half Mara (HM) ✔️Done

Sunday 3rd Oct

Another stunning morning running with the Boys!!! Perfect conditions to be out and move our body and be grateful to be in this chapter of our life. 🙏🏽🙏🏽💜💜 

My left Achilles was still a bit sore for the first 8-12km. So we had to pick up a bit the pace so I couldn’t feel it anymore. By the end it was warm enough and not painful until it cool down. 

I am super happy to run with friends. So if you want to jump in for a couple of km or full, or half you are welcome please don’t worry about the pace I will run any pace. “you can go faster by yourself but you will go further with a group” 

Today's run is for Loki. Loki is 4 years old from the Netherlands and has SCN1A-related epilepsy. Everything was perfect with Loki until 6.5 months old, when out of the blue he had a 30-minute long grand mal seizure! This was the first seizure his parents had ever seen and Loki was attended by police, ambulance and a trauma helicopter! What a way to start this journey. Loki's mum and dad were brushed off at the hospital but they pushed stubbornly for a second opinion, a genetics test, and a second genetics test. The diagnosis  (SCN1A- related epilepsy) finally came and the family braced for the worst but hoped for the best. 
Loki has just started school and loves swimming, dancing, playing with cars, cuddles, climbing and hide & seek. Loki is a brave, sweet boy and adored by his family!

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 5am. 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted by epilepsy.  


2/31 Half Mara. Done ✔️

Saturday 2nd Oct

Another beautiful day on Gold Coast, perfect conditions to run with a bunch of beautiful people. I am so happy and blessed to be part of this community who support and love me and my family. Thank you to everybody who ran with me all the way, half way or a couple of km, or running/walking to support me. It means so much to me, truly I don’t have words to express what I feel with every message and all the love that I am receiving. 

Body and Mind are feeling good, I just have a bit of pain in my left achilles but I did some recovery today hopefully it will get better. 🤞🏽🤞🏽

Today's run is for Jensen, from Tasmania. Jensen has just turned 5. He had a febrile convulsion at age 3, then 2 non-febrile seizures aged 3.5, then just after his 4 birthday he started have regular tonic clonic seizures and a few months after he started having drops and myoclonic seizures. He’s had EEGs, MRI’s and blood tests. He was finally diagnosed with generalised epilepsy a few months ago. He has been on medication since January 2021, still trying to get them under control. It’s been a big 12 months with Jensen starting Kinder (which is at primary school in Tas) 💜 #epilepsywarrior

Ps. Tomorrow running from Broadbeach (Kurrawa surf club in the beach side in front of the cafe) at 5am. 

The link to donate is in my bio. If you can’t donate it will be great to share this post to create awareness of people who live with or are impacted.

1/31 Half Mara done.

Saturday 2nd Oct
How lucky.. after regularly checking the weather for almost a week and last night was pouring rain pretty much all night so we were exceptive a big storm for this morning… but there wasn’t any storm! Instead was a wonderful day to be out running with friends and to dedicate my first run to Sheila who was diagnosed with Epilepsy 53 years ago! Sheila has been impressed by how much has been discovered since then, she said. 

 I am glad to have an amazing friends who support me along the way. @kasandramarshall @davidsinton ran the entire half marathon with me… love you guys, so nice to have you always by my side. 
Thank you to @pistolpete7311 @sarah__j__haley @tanswalker for jumping in to run with me for a couple of kms, you guys are amazing, sending love.

Thank you @lauraverap and @adricg83 for doing a walk for us .. love you girls and I miss you so much. 🐠🐠

Nice to see my girls and @elerioconnor at the end.
I love you girls so much @mali_runs 


Here we go.

Thursday 30th Sep
It time for the big dance!! Tomorrow, it is going to be my 1st Half Marathon of 31 in October. It is going to be a special day for me tomorrow as it is the first anniversary of my running streak. I have run 366 days in a row with an average of 10km a day so I will celebrate with my first half marathon for #walkforepilepsy 

It looks like a crazy coincidence or metaphor of life that tomorrow will be pouring rain, but we will see the sun on the other side. I am super excited and nervous about this coming month, it will be tough, epic and with a lot of feels. 

So far I have 20 people plus Sofi who I will dedicate a run to, @mali_runs has put all the stories together for me so I will read each one before the respective run. We are still looking for 10 more people who would like to share their story. If you know anyone please PM us.

Thank you, @coke.gortari @fitprintau for the logo and kit. You rock. 

Thank you @larahnafit @epilepsyqld @epilepsyfoundationaus for your support. I will give the best of me to raise funds and awareness. 

If you would like to donate the link is in my bio@rafagarcia_n , share this post or share a run with me wherever you are. 

Ps. Running from Broadbeach / Kurrawa surf club on the beach side at 5am - running South for 10.6km and turning back.

Update about half marathon Project 31/31.

Sunday 26th Sep

I really don’t have any words to express how grateful and blessed I feel with all the support that we have received in so different ways.

Big thank you GC50 run featival for being so kind and donating my entry to do the 50km in November, because they know that after a big effort it is important to lock in another goal to avoid the post-challenge blues.
Thank you to Doug for helping me out with some running gear. 
As well to @epilepsyqld for sharing Sofi’s story on their IG page and checking in on us. 
And to my wife @mali_runs for supporting me in this challenge and all my crazy ideas. Love you. We are stronger together. 

This weekend. I did double 15km run on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with in less than 12hrs between runs to start to have the feeling of running on heavy legs. And it went really well. Today, I had the pleasure to be a pacer in QUT classic event in the 5km in 30 minutes, it was really nice vibes and I took the time to think about how lucky we are in QLD to be able to come together and do a running event. 

In other news, I got 2 new pairs of hoka (Clifton-8) for my 31 half marathons! Definitely my Hokas have been my best friends for the last year and half. +12 pairs so far and counting. I never will have enough of them.. lol 🤣🤣

Ps. Sofi has had an amazing weekend. Swimming, running, drinking juice and catching up with her uncle.

Our story!!

Thursday 23rd Sep
Sofi (my daughter) has been diagnosed with rare type of epilepsy (SCN1A). So we decided to take part in ‘walk for epilepsy QLD’ fundraiser this coming October. I am planning to run a half marathon (21.1km) every day for this month. 

Running has been so helpful for our family, it helps us to deal with the unknown circumstances of having a kid with epilepsy, where we don’t know how the day is going to go. We have often had an amazing day that turned into running to emergency with Sofi.

All of this situation has generated some mental issues, as you can imagine. I am trying to be strong everyday but it is tough for me and for my girls. I appreciate your support to help me to achieve this challenge.

You can help me by sharing this post, donating and coming to run with me - or run anywhere that you are share with me your runs.

The runs will start at 5am Monday to Friday from Kurrawa Surf Club / Broadbeach (Gold Coast) on the beach side,  and Saturday and Sunday 5:30am/ 6am ( I will take the decision the day before).  I will run south for 10.6km and back. 

Also, on Saturday 10/10 and 24/10 I will run in the afternoon. I will post the date before the time. 

Thank you for your support and love you all. 

For more information Check my instagram @rafagarcia_n 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cameron Family

Wishing nothing but love for you and your family on this awesome fundraiser bro, God Bless 🙏🏼


Nafic Djendji


Fraser Caddy

Thanks for sharing my story on my 3rd Birthday and raising awareness for Dravet’s Syndrome and Epilepsy in general. Best wishes for the running, and for Sofi 💜 my fellow SCN1a superstar.



Love from The Lab fam!



Lets go Raffy!!! And lots of love for our little Sofi Sofi! Your Fitprint family


Get Wet Surf School Crew

All our love 💕


María José Kostner

Felices de aportar un granito de arena para esta noble causa! Los queremos mucho y esperamos de todo corazón que Sofi se recupere ! Con cariño Arnoldo y Kote 💟


Patricia Alexander

An amazing feat Rafa, truly inspirational.


Liz Rodgers

Rafa, you are an absolute inspiration. Your beautiful daughter is so very blessed to have you doing this for her ❤


Lucy Cook

I know at this point you will be starting to tire and wondering if it’s worth it. It is. You are amazing. Ten days to go. You got this. X


Dianne Robertson

Hi Rafa, Mel and Sofia Thanks for such a beautiful and powerful way of bringing awareness to a cause that will always remain close to my heart.


Ben Marlow

Well done mate!!!


Rafa Garcia


David Corona


Julie Lambert

Best wishes Rafa!!


Henry Mota

Love you broo! Shut up and take my money. See you in the running sessions


Sarah Meyer

Such an awesome effort Rafa raising awareness of Epilepsy! Sofia is so lucky to have such a supportive family 💕


Andrew & Karla

Sending our love and support!! Wishing y’all nothing but happiness


Nico & Nadia

Love you guys ❤️


Jonny Brereton

Awesome work mate ☺️


Rowena Gill


Julian Saavedra

Espero que mi pequeña ayuda contribuya a tu proyecto. Dios le dé salud a tu hija.


Angie Varnam

Right behind you! Love you all x


Seva And Greg Anderson

Good on you, Rafa…. A worthy cause.


Daniel & Kasandra

Great work Rafa! We love running with you and looking forward to sharing many more miles.


Hannah Chong

Good luck, Rafa! Love to Sofi, you and Mel! x


Eleri O'connor


Peter Griffiths

I will run with you one day brother


Jose Ocando

Princeso, keep it up!


Chloe Zapantis

Thank you Rafa. For Sofi and Levi x


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All the positive vibes to you.


Silvia Piras

Lots of big highs from Italy ❤️


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Te amo hermano, te amo Sofi, poco a poco vamos a ir superando esto.


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Rachel Mcinnes



Lola Marin


Colin Evans

Good stuff Rafa!


Thiago Moura

You are such a inspiration! Love you


Maree Adams

Best wishes adn thnakyou for caring for all of these beautiful kids. Special shout out to Sienna Lyon XXXXXXXX



Amazing work, Papa Rafa!


Jasmin Walsh




Jessie And Jordan

Sending our love to you all!


Bec Petersen

You’re a champion mate - best of luck fundraising for such an important cause. Love to Mel & Sofi your little warrior girl too x


Kay And Andy Lyon

Hi Rafia Keep going! Your doing great.


Leigh Macpherson




Gail King

What a wonderful commitment Rafa well done


Matt Crawford

God bless you, Melissa and Sofi 🙏 I am looking forward to joining you in October for some half marathons 👌 Great cause, Bro 👍 #LoveYourWork


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This shall pass too… my friend! You’re an inspiration!


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Sandy Roux

And I will run with you as much as I can 🙌 Much love to you guys always ❤🤗





Angie And Dave Lay

Thank you for walking for our Katie and raising awareness of Dravet Syndrome.






Ingrid Sweegers