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Virtual Tribute Wall

Amanda Anderson

One of the hardest things about living with this invisible disease is stigma and I feel after 19 years of living with it, talking about it and now working as an ambassador for The Australian Epilepsy Project I’m slowly helping to reduce the stigma that has been attached to epilepsy for so many years.   We are still normal people we just have something extra to deal with. I am lucky enough to have mainly controlled my seizures after neurosurgery in 2010, having only 3 seizures since but still have fatigue from medications I take and anxiety after living with such unpredictable seizures for so long.  I think of myself as very lucky as I have had my husband James by my side for 22 years, by far my biggest support throughout the hardest years. I also have very loving and supportive family and friends that have not let epilepsy change the way they interact with me. We have 2 healthy boys, I have completed a psychology degree and work so we can do all the things people without epilepsy do, it just takes understanding from others and a never give up attitude. It has been hard along the way (like not driving for 8 years!) but that is what makes people like us warriors that do not give up easily.

Selina and Chris Daley

🧡💜 We are walking for our 5 year old daughter Emmeline 💜🧡 We only received her diagnosis on 30/9 this year. Coincidentally the day before the walk began. We have a lot to learn and we are hoping by helping to raise funds we can contribute to helping other families like ours living with a loved one with epilepsy x

Stevi, Sean, Ava & Ivie

🧡💜We are walking for Ava 💜🧡 Ava has recently been diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and although we have the hope she will one day grow out of it, there is many families that don’t so she wants to walk in honour of all families that suffer daily with epilepsy, including her cousin Liv 💜

Tara Andrews & friends

This is the 2nd year I am petaling in the walk for Epilepsy. This year I am walking with a wonderful team. We are walking to honour my sister Jade who tragically passed from SUDEP last year. And to raise awareness of SUDEP and funds to support people living with Epilepsy. #wewalkforjade

Team Ben

We are walking for everyone touched by epilepsy. For my beautiful friends Elliesnd Georgia anxGeotgias Poppy. Our amazing Owen. Beautiful Casey who is like another daughter to me. Our daughter Bec and our brave brave Ben whose journey is a tough one.💜please we need a cure .

Stephanie Deague-Hall

I’m walking for myself but also to help others who have epilepsy and seizures everyday.

Alison Swain

I am walking 100km this October for my beautiful daughter Jasmine Ryan, who died last year of SUDEP at 17 years old. I miss her every day and hope some of the money raised will help prevent other deaths in young people with epilepsy. We will love you always Jasmine

Tanyia Maxted

Epilepsy WA is an unfunded charity despite being essential support for #1in25 living with epilepsy, with 1500 new cases diagnosed each year. #EpilepsyWA urgently needs help to keep its vital epilepsy support services going in Western Australia, so we're taking part in the #WalkforEpilepsy to #SaveEpilepsyWA!

Tanya Fairleigh

I’m walking for my daughter Anna who passed away nearly 2 years ago due to SUDEP. Forever 20 my sweet Anna 💜

Megan, Andrew, Olivia & Jack

We would love to help raise awareness & funds for all Epilepsy Warriors, in the hope that one day there will be a cure. Our beautiful girl, Olivia, began having seizures at 3 months of age. Now at 11 years old, Olivia continues to battle with frequent prolonged seizures.