Fundraising Tips

Not sure how to get started on your fundraising journey, or want to take your fundraising progress to the next level?

Here are 7 easy steps to get you started

Lead the pack

Show your commitment to fundraising by donating to your own fundraising page. This will encourage others to support you and highlight your commitment.

Inspire with your story

Let your supporters know why this is a cause close to your heart and why you are participating. Your supporters want to feel connected and sharing your passion with an inspiring story always helps.

Personalise your page

Upload a profile image so that people can find you on the website. 

Share, Share, Share and Share!

The best way to gain support is to reach out to your network. Post your page on your Facebook/Instagram or send out an email to family and friends! The more you share the more likely you are to receive donations. If someone isn’t able to donate to you, ask them to share your page to their network to expand your supporter list!

Get your work involved

Get your work place behind you! Ask your employer if they would like to match employee donations, or let you promote your page in the staff newsletter

Join our Facebook group

Once you have registered you will be invited to join our facebook group - This is the place to see how others are going, get fundraising tips and feel part of this big community coming together to help others

Say Thank you

Every donation is important, so don’t forget to say thanks. You can thank them via email or phone but also you can post a thank you message on your fundraising page then everyone will so your progress.