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I’m taking part in Walk for Epilepsy around Australia because...

We are currently awaiting a sleep deprived EEG for our Emmeline, as she had a seizure in her sleep a few months ago and Caylin was lucky enough to be sleeping with her at the time and witness it or we would not have known. I would therefore like to raise money and make a difference for people living with epilepsy. Please help me by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about the walk, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Update with our Paed

Tuesday 19th Oct
We had a Zoom consult with Emmie's Paed on Friday. We went in armed with a long list of questions, and we came out with all of them answered luckily. The big update is she is sending a referral for Emmie to have an MRI which hopefully she will have done by Christmas time. This will check her brain in regards to the epilepsy, but also her neck as it has been cracking since last year when she had a fall on her scooter. Emmie is taking it all in her stride, not letting it worry her like I was concerned she would at first. At least now she has been told she knows the importance of telling us if she is not feeling well or if anything unusual happens.

Day 1

Friday 1st Oct
Yesterday Emmie received the results of her EEG confirming she has epilepsy. Makes this walk all the more meaningful for Chris and I now 🧡💜

We started off the day with a 3.3km walk. Will add some more kms tonight at the gym on the treadmill. 

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Well done Selina, happy to support


Ange & Heath

Inspirational Selina, Great awareness and Cause. You can do this 👊




Selina Daley


Tim & Debra Reid

Great work Selina & Chris.


Britta And Mel


Angela Richardson

Doing a fantastic job ♥️


Toni Tucker

Well done Selina & Chris ❤️


Anna Harper

You guys are smashing this! Emmie’s a very lucky girl to have great parents helping this cause. Keep up the great work, Love Anna & Dawesy


Brianna Robinson-dike


Lisa Rhodes


Bec Munro

What a wonderful thing you are doing. xx


Diana Graham

You got this! xx


Alli Morgan

Great stuff Selina, keep up the good work!


Stacey Court

Doing an amazing job xxx


Lisa Forster


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Steven Rhodes

Well done Nean, you have gone and are still going exceptionally well, very proud of you !!❤


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