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We’re taking part in Walk for Epilepsy around Australia because...

Shortly after Charlie’s first birthday, our lives changed forever.  We experienced what no parent ever wants to see - their baby losing consciousness, over and over again, multiple times a day.  And yet we still feel ‘lucky,’ because Charlie’s epilepsy is currently managed with medication. 

While we don’t yet know what Charlie’s future will look like, we do know we want to make a difference for all people living with epilepsy and help to increase everyone’s understanding of epilepsy. 

We’re aiming for 300km between us during the 30 days of September, with a minimum fundraising goal of $1 per km (we are getting our walking in early due to lockdown but also to hopefully inspire others to take part in October). 

Please help us by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about the walk for epilepsy, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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We made it!!!

Friday 1st Oct
When the storm clouds cleared, we hit the pavement for our final day of our 30 Day Walk for Epilepsy. We covered 301km during the month of September! Thank you so much for every single bit of your generous support for people living with Epilepsy in the ACT and Australia. We will continue raising awareness by walking and talking throughout October (when our fitness activity will be automatically reset by the website ready for the official walk).

Riot Act Canberra

Thursday 30th Sep
Thank you to Riot Act & Epilepsy ACT for sharing Charlie’s story and the opportunity to raise awareness of epilepsy!

Day 28 and we are upping our goal!!!

Tuesday 28th Sep
With only two days and 18km to go of our early 30 Day Walk for Epilepsy, we have more than doubled our initial fundraising goal of $300. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported Epilepsy ACT and raising awareness of epilepsy. Sooooo we have decided to up our fundraising goal to $1000 !!! We will keep walking and talking throughout the month of October 😊

Day 19

Sunday 19th Sep
We have walked almost every day so far, but have been experiencing some of that lockdown low energy. Today was good though - all five of us went walking on a new trail and even saw a few kangaroos :) 

Day 11

Saturday 11th Sep
Another beautiful day to walk. Sore muscles from doing a bunch of house and garden work, but still making it out each day. 

Day 10

Friday 10th Sep
Some days are harder than others to find the motivation for a long walk. But remembering we’re doing it for this guy, is all we need to get our shoes on and go!

Day 8 & 9

Thursday 9th Sep
Started trying to keep to a walking pace of less than 10 mins per km. More of a struggle for the one pushing Charlie in his pram 😂 But we found a new walking trail in our local area, so looking forward to changing up the view every few walks! 

Day 7

Tuesday 7th Sep
It was close to sunset, but we got our walk in! Still need to catch up on some k’s though (and maybe some z’s, considering Charlie’s sleeping lately 😝)

Day 5 & 6

Monday 6th Sep
Beautiful evening walks yesterday and today.  Tired but glad we did it for the beautiful pink skies and rushing streaks of water from the rain all weekend.

Day 4

Saturday 4th Sep
It poured rain alll day! And while we still got some km’s up by chasing Charlie around the house, we will have to make up the distance once the sun comes out again!

Day 2 & 3

Friday 3rd Sep
We have managed to get out three mornings in a row for a walk! Charlie keeps telling us, "outshide" (outside), and we can’t say no to him in this beautiful weather. 

Day 1

Wednesday 1st Sep
First day of Spring and we made the most of a beautiful early morning in lockdown! First 10km done!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Elliott Gray - Alex And Elsa

Well done guys, and a gorgeous boy!




Catherine Tamburro

Sorry I’m a bit slow, but never too late to support such a special cause and even more special people. Looking forward to joining on a walk again soon


Nick Mcnaughton

Great to support a very worthy cause. I am so relieved you both have some answers and management techniques to apply now. Hope to see you in person soon!


Leong Tang

Way to go Erinn and Anthony!!!


Joe And Bec Warren

Such a great cause!





Love what the family is doing 💜 You’re all so strong in the face of adversity, and little Charlie is an amazing kid 💜


Bruce Mckay

Great effort - delighted to contribute to your cause ... and Charlie.


Amanda Smith

Charlie lucky to have you two to call mum and dad xx


Stephane Labruyere


Anna Tsikouris

Best of luck with Charlie's epilepsy journey and with raising funds for much needed research.


Lauren Geatches

Well done Pagès family! So happy to support your efforts - Charlie is so lucky to have you both advocating for him and raising awareness. Big love and can't wait to see you in person again when we can. Lauren, Brad, Heath + Bump x


Dale Holland



Love you all ❤❤


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Alexandra Ganipeau

Sending heaps of love and good vibes. You got this guys !!! Alex


Jill And Bernie Lim


Margaret Medland


Natalie Simpson


Tara Hegerty


Anathi Masuku

Wishing you lots of luck! Go Charlie!!


Evan S


Greg And Nea Stanford


Kirin & Braden Greenland

Hope it all goes well. Love you all, aunty Kirin, uncle Braden and Elliott. Xxoo


Christie Balazs

Great work Erinn and Anthony. Good cause to raise money and spread awareness for xx


Dr Fiona Rothchilds

Thank you for your efforts to fundraise in the name of Epilepsy.