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I’m taking part in Walk for Epilepsy around Australia because my son Kai has been living with epilepsy since he was born. Living with Epilepsy is such a different journey for everyone and we would like to raise awareness and understanding for each person

I want to raise money and make a difference for people living with epilepsy. Please help me by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about the walk, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Monday 27th Sep
Kai was six weeks old when I first noticed his “little shakes”. Fast forward to Kai turning 11 this year and his epilepsy has developed into Grand Mal or Tonic Clonic seizures. It’s been a long and stressful journey however it’s our reality and we take each day as they come. The good days and the bad days. We never leave home without his emergency medication and when he is tired we stop and we rest. 
We hope by raising awareness people will have a better understanding of what epilepsy is and how it affects so many people and how differently it affects people and to raise enough funds to truely make a difference!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anthony Saf

Stay strong buddy 🙏


Merrimac Football Club

We are family!


Julie And Rob Plante

Go Sasha. Proud of you.


Cartia Donazzan


Jenni Li


Christiane Constantinidis


Sophia Hansimikali

Good Luck and all the best to your son Liam's grandmother ❤❤❤


The Obusan Bunch

Goodluck with everything Love from Liams Godparents and kids💙


Theresa Gundry

Well Done Sasha !! You are amazing…


Audrey Griffen


Sera Ajazi

Proud of you Sasha, I will always support you god bless


Hansimikali Family

Good luck from Liam’s cousins, Kayla, Marcus & Angelo 🙏💙


Dianne Cannon


Nath Riley



Annabel Wooding

You and the boys have got this Sasha 💜 your a team of champions!


Bec Shelley Sc

From the SC Family


Michelle Mcmahon

Go Sasha! the boys are so lucky to have such a loving and strong role model as their mum xxx I’ll walk with you any where!


Glenis L’estrange

Good on you guys … great effort for a great cause x


Keith Burnett

All the best


Kristen Plante

Love you little Kaisey… Go Sash 👍🥾


Luke Mcevoy


Jane Shields


Vicki Tarr

You’re a strong woman and the best mum for your boys. Wish I lived closer cause I’d do it all with you xx


The Benitez Family

You guys have got this!


Sam & Maddie

From Maddie & Sam x x x


Micki Hansimikali

Good luck from Liam’s cousins Kosta & Isabella Chrimes


Wendy Cooper

Sasha and Kai, All the best to you both, great challenge for a good cause.


Shaye, Shorty, Frankie, Wynter And Benne

We love you Kai! Well done, Sash 💙


Sasha Plante


Leanne K Meredith

Go team Plante !!


Lisa Haines

All the best x


Michelle Cooper

Great work Sasha. Good luck.


B And M Financial Services Pty Ltd



Petia Williams



Jo Irwin



Edona Byci Xerxa


The Halloways

Your a superstar...only wish I could walk with you xx


Crystelle Pizanis

Best of Luck ❤️


Janelle Malouf

Such a great cause. I hope you reach your target. 💙😘


Alisha & Jack Taylor

Your such an amazing mum! You’ve got this!💪🏼 Kai is so lucky. Always in our thoughts😘xx


Adam Crerar


Tace Turner


Julia Colbron

Great job Sash, we love you Kai 💛


Diane Dixon


Tass Gravanis



Congratulations Sasha … good luck 😉 Sending love ❤️


Loren Klaus



Phillip & Debbie Murray


Will And Arley Mccormack

Stay strong Kai, we're behind you all xx


Alexis Berry

Well done guys xxx


Philip & Vaska

Wishing you and your boys the very best. What an amazing mumma they have. Phil and Vaska xx


Teuta Zeka


Dimi Machos

A lot of love and admiration for you and your babies! Go guys! Miracles happen if you believe! 😇🐶🙏🤗💖💖💖




Bron Smith


Adam Elm

It’s not much but a little something can go a long way just like you mate on your day.