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I’m taking part in Walk (RIDE) for Epilepsy around Australia because...

Epilepsy can affect anybody at anytime and can be quite debilitating  and impact a persons ability to carryout some activities and to have the social mobility that many of us enjoy and take for granted.

Our adult daughter was diagnosed with late onset Epilepsy about 5 years ago.  Hers is the focal type of epilepsy which means she becomes confused, doesn’t know where she is or what is going on - to view it you would think she was just spaced out.

Epilepsy Qld have been great in helping us understand the impacts of Epilepsy and in helping our daughter with information and contacts with neurosurgeons and other medical professionals.

I am happy to raise some funds which may make a difference for people living with epilepsy.

I am sure your help would be greatly appreciated by Epilepsy sufferers and the folks at Epilepsy Queensland. 

Please help out by giving a few dollars.

(or even a lot of dollars if you have nothing better to do with it  :)  ) 

The more people that know about the event,  the greater the benefit,  so please spread the word by sharing the page with your friends, colleagues and family. 

Hit the 'Give Now' button and make a difference.   

Thank you .!! 

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Disruption to Activities

Sunday 17th Oct
Hi sponsors and Supporters - just a quick update - thanks again for your support.  Today I should have been riding in the Brisbane to Gold Coast 100km and I was contemplating the return trip to give you some bang for your buck !  - Unfortunately during the week I was hospitalized with a kidney stone problem, so the riding and for that matter any exercise will need to go on hold for a couple of weeks.  However, I appreciate your support and as soon as I can get back to exercise i will aim to pile on some more kms - it might be in November, but I will keep you posted - thanks again for your support and take care.  Terry

The Kms are mounting

Tuesday 12th Oct
The Kms are slowly getting toward the target.  100km ride last weekend helped and have the Brisbane to Bay ride of 100km this Sunday - hope the weather holds !:)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Wei Hao Tan


Rotary Taylor Bridge

Glad we can support this great cause Terry


Paul & Bernadette Brieren

Best wishes to your family Terry. Good luck with your efforts and enjoy the ride!


Heidi Neumann


Terry Killen


David Wilkinson

Keep up the good work, and remember not to speed downhill!


Craig Carson

Keep that hip moving!


Tim Baker

put those K's in Terry!


Colin Knox


Shippy Family

Smash those K's Terry xxx




Cycle Away

Enjoy the rides Terry.


Andrew Dunn

Happy to support as good cause with a personal connection. Andrew D


Barry Oconnell

Keep up the good work




Jake Wynan

Keep up the good work Terry!



Worthy cause Terry


John Barbera

Good work Terry


Bob Graham

Good on you Terry!


Ann F

Hi Terry Great thing to do and keep you busy too ! Ann & Simon


Ann F

Hi Terry sorry didn't check exchange rate!!! Ann


John Woodward

Terry, I already donate $30 per month to Epilepsy Qld, my Cairns manager's daughter who also works for me had late onset. It is a very worthwhile cause and happy to support you


Louise Hiscox

Happy to pedal with you, Merlin.


Brian Davey

Hope you make it to the finish line and I don't have to attend a funeral.


Margaret And Ted

A very worthy cause Terry, all the best to you and family.


Kathryn Smith

Love your work Terry!


Eleanor Colla


Winodh Jayewardene

Great cause and all the best Terry. Didn't realise you were a rider!


Glen Palmer

Best wishes for your campaign Terry


Jane Richardson

A great cause! You are well on your way to reaching donation and kilometre targets. Congratulations on both counts!!



Well done Terry, good luck with the walking/cycling


Phil Coughlan

Great charity and great initiative by you Terry - all the best.



Go Terry! Pleased to support this worthy cause.


Tara-lee Macarthur

Well done and best of luck!